The great German soprano Elizabeth Schwarzkopf once surprised a questioner by stating that the eyes are the singer’s most important attribute. One only has to watch Angela sing to realise the truth of this. She demanded and engaged the audience’s attention. Her hand gestures – something all classical singers agonise over – were ideal, restrained and unobtrusive.

It was noticeable that, given a choice of another song or diving straight into the strawberries, everyone stayed put for the sparkling encore!”

– Donald Judge, Buxton Fringe

“Last night Angela and Anna enchanted us with their performances. Our venue is intimate, our audience is small but knowledgeable and appreciative. This talented duo set the right tone and register for a delightful evening. In particular the Schumann ‘Frauenliebe und Leben’ was a tribute to the power of the musical thoughts expressed and more than successfully crossed that gulf between performer and audience.

In the anniversary year of Chopin’s birth, Anna made a simple but stunning choice of the Minute Waltz. This was a much appreciated little jewel sparkling within our sea of the large Chopin works which we have heard often during the year.

Other songs by Michael Head, Delibes, Massenet, Faure, Debussy and Warlock completed an enchanting cycle of songs beautifully introduced by Angela and performed by this outstandingly talented duo. Anna and Angela are always welcome with us in Edinburgh.”

– Beverly Gray BMus, PGCE, MBA, FRSA

“Angela Rowley has performed in Macclesfield before to great acclaim…she went down a storm because, unlike other singers, she explains her songs as well as wowing the audiences with her beautiful voice.”

– Macclesfield Express

“Wonderful, soaring soprano from Angela Rowley.”

– Bolton Evening News

“…the highlight of the concert. The renowned soprano Angela Rowley gave a moving account.”

– Salford Symphony Orchestra Website

“Ms Rowley’s pleasing voice showed tremendous versatility in tackling whichever genre the programme dictated…while her crystal-clear enunciation more than made up for the occasionally echoey acoustics of the venue”

– Robbie Carnegie, Buxton Fringe

“Angela has a beautiful voice and is wonderfully supported by her talented accompanist Anna. The programme showed their skills to great advantage.”

– Buxton Fringe 2006

“Angela Rowley has a special talent of communicating her enthusiasm and delight in her music.”

– Carol Sargent

“Angela is a talented and inspirational teacher.”

– Kath Powell (Singer)

“She has brought her pupils on with positive encouragement, grace and good humour.”

– Glyn Roberts (Singer)

“Her teaching is inspiring.”

– Anna Le Hair (Accompanist)

“Angela runs her workshops with huge enthusiasm and energy. She is a great encourager whilst helping each individual with their technique. The workshop atmosphere is always relaxed and welcoming.”

– Christine Goddard (Singer)

“With Angela’s excellent coaching and support I have developed confidence and learned how to make the most of my voice and vocal performance skills.”

– Anne Sykes (Singer)

“Angela has that very special gift.”

– Helen Basson (Singer)

- Glad Capewell (Singer).
"Angela always gets the best performance out of anyone that she works with, whether a seasoned performer or a relative beginner. She always does it with insight, empathy and humour. Her own beautiful singing is something to which we all aspire."
- Leslie Robinson (Singer).
"Angela's approach is always positive and encouraging. The quality of her advice has resulted in a real and perceptible improvement in my singing technique."
– Mary Hardiman (Singer).
“By the end of the day, I feel a better singer than at the start. Angela not only works on the vocal aspect of singing, but also on the performance as a whole: how we stand, our facial expressions and any obvious traits that the audience may pick up on. I am always very impressed with her knowledge and the easy-going, gentle way she deals with some very tricky issues.”
Buxton Fringe, July 2012.
"This delightful programme of varied songs around the theme of sleep and all its meanings was beautifully introduced by Angela who drew the sudience into her world from the very beginning with a superb introduction. Angela has a beautiful voice with light and shade and an expressive face which communicates to th audience so well. Angela's voice brought a freshness but feeling of experience that enhanced every note.
Buxton Fringe, July 2011.
Angela was Nominated for 'Most Enjoyable Music Event'. "Devising a solo recital is no easy task, and this was a perfect example of how to do it. Angela also gave carefully researched, helpful and entertaining introductions throughout. Angela has a fine voice and many years of experience of communicating with audiences.